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The inspiration for DW92 comes from Britain’s two premier medals for bravery, the Victoria Cross and the George Cross. They have been awarded to fewer than 1,800 servicemen and civilians in their century and a half of existence.

The Victoria Cross was founded in 1856 to emulate the French introduction of a national award that recognised outstanding bravery in battle. It was the first gallantry medal for servicemen of all ranks and remains “the highest and most prestigious recognition of exceptional valour in the face of the enemy”. Its civilian equivalent, the George Cross, was introduced during the Battle of the Blitz in 1940. “The need for a decoration to recognise heroism exhibited in the face of the enemy on a level with those actions awarded the Victoria Cross was highlighted by the extreme courage shown by civilians and Service personnel involved with bomb and mine disposal at the beginning of the Second World War.”

The rampant lion symbolises courage, nobility, valour and strength whilst the sword symbolises power, protection and authority. The grip and cross guard design carry the stylised DW letters whilst 92 represents the year I founded the company. From very humble working class roots I started a small business supplying Terracewear and sports related merchandise to professional football clubs across the UK. I had no money behind me and my family were not in a position to offer loans or advice, so the early years were a real challenge. I worked so hard to make the business work that I would often be completely exhausted mentally and physically at the end of each day but hard work pays off and the business became a success.
Football was a real passion of mine often going to home and away games and I loved to see what was being worn on the terraces. This inspired me not only in the business that I was involved with but also on a personal level.

In September 2013 I launched David Watts Clothing with stockists across the UK, Europe and Japan. The brand had a 1960’s Britain feel about it and has been a fantastic success. David Watts uses state of the art materials and cutting edge tailoring to create an air of simple sophistication and quality. The brand is given its edge by the rich heritage that precedes it. Drawing inspiration from all parts of society and taking in everything from music to sports, the brand aspires to make a difference. Staple parts of the collection include distinctive jackets, one of a kind polo shirts and cycling jerseys. All express the independent David Watts image, making you stand out from the crowd and be admired.

In order to create the feel and authenticity of the brand, David Watts has freed itself from the sometimes oppressive shackles of society. Looking for authenticity through simplicity, the bespoke feel of each garment created through the rigorous manufacturing process leaves you with a high quality, perfect fitting product. David Watts gives an identity to each and every individual and makes us all proud of who we are and what we are wearing.