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About The Young Idea

“About The Young Idea” is an exhibition dedicated to The Jam, right from the beginning of their epic journey, displaying unseen memorabilia, interactive media and most importantly the story of the bands successes. David Watts is proud to announce our official partnership of the event and the David Watts collection will be available in the retail section of the event. cialis offers

Running from the 1st July to the 25th September at the amazing Cunard Building in Liverpool, a structure rich in Italian Renaissance and Greek Revival architecture – the perfect setting for a Mod playground!

Be sure to head down and see the wonders on display at the exhibition and to explore the quality fabrics within our range. generic cialis

See you there.

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One Comment

  1. David Watts

    My name being “David Watts” of course creates a unique connection with your amazing clothing line AND I love the connective tissue with The Jam.

    I really wish I could be there to purchase more DW couture! But alas it will not happen. I am left with only your website availability.

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