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Where’s your Parka?

It’s an absolute necessity for a wet and windy day like today. It’s a timeless classic. It looks effortlessly cool. The Parka Coat is something that everyone should have in their armoury to call on in times of need.

Originally hailing from the animal skin and fur coats of the Inuits, the word ‘Parka’ actually means ‘animal skin’. The Parka Coat took on its now synonymous military heritage when used by the US army and was adopted by scooter riders and the Mod subculture to protect their suits when riding their Lambretta and Vespa Scooters in the 1960s. This is perhaps best portrayed in the well-known 1979 cult classic ‘Quadrophenia’.


The David Watts Warstone Military Parka is designed with both the functionality and fashion aspect of the classic Parka Coat in mind. It has a fully removable hood, a fully removable Sherpa Fleece Lining and storm cuffs for when riding a scooter or keeping warm watching your favourite team on the terraces!

A must have and a piece that is wearable anytime, anywhere.


DW x

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